All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream
— Edgar Allen Poe

Dear Fated Lover, 

You have found yourself here, in pursuit of that deepest urge, searching once more to give life to that dark wish you have hidden until now. I extend to you, the chance to revel in our passions, to the point where they consume us both in a torrent of pleasure we should never have been denied. Set us aflame amidst the increasing tension so that I might provide myself as the balm which you so dearly crave. Let your carnal ambitions take ahold of you so that we might use this chance to find our bliss.

Prepare yourself for a beauty who will alter your senses and give way to the aphotic imaginings of moments best kept between us. The Gods have blessed me twice, first with a body of youth and secondly, with the energy to enhance your world. Hidden under my gold kissed skin is a woman of wit and grace to match the most polished of society’s darlings. I am the prize you wish to boast upon your arm, as well as the coquette you shall devour in secret. A dull moment will never last between us, for within my lithe figure, resides a mind that could never wander from you. 

Hiding in the shadows are my countless talents and passions, needing a gentleman to shine his light so that they might enthrall him in their discovery. My deepest wish is to unravel your desires, so that I may sate them. Shopping and dinning, chocolate and wine, exaltation and rapture, all perfect examples of a night for us to relish. Drop me hints in which I can best serve your craving, for I will make them my own. Come and uncover my secrets, only you will learn the best ones.

Now as inciting as my feminine wiles are, please allow us a leisurely interlude from the trials of everyday life. With as trying as this new world has become, we both need the joy of the perfect diversion... each other. As a very busy man, I know you will find a way to surrender your time at my alter of pleasure... Again and Again. 

So click Here to which I will present to you the gift of a sophisticated and elusive woman.




Ms. Winters (Your Fated Lover)