A fine wine is an exquisite way to ignite your fantasy.

Pick a Wine & You'll get something Fine!

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Wine List

Sweet Shiraz (1hr) ~ 500 

Moscato (90Mins) - 700 (Suggested for New Clients) 

 Riesling (2hrs<) ~ 1000 

Pinot (3hrs<) ~ 1600

Merlot (4hrs<) ~ 2100

Cabernet (6hrs<) ~ 2400 (My Fave!)

Port (12hrs<) ~ 3000

Bordeaux (Day) ~ 5000

Champagne (FlyMeToYou)

Domestic - 4 hour minimum

International - 3 Day minimum (4000 for first day and 1000 for each additional day)

I must have at least weeks notices for international travel.

Flight (round trip) and lodging must be taken care of. 

With over nights I will need at least 4 hours of beauty sleep and 1 hours of personal. 


  • Dates longer than 4 hours require some activity.
  • Bordeaux dates required a deposit
  • Explicit language will not be tolerated when contacting me.
  • These rates are for time and companionship only.  
  • My rates are non-negotiable.  PLEASE place your donation in an envelope in the bathroom. When meeting in public, please greet me with a book, card, or gift bag containing donation.
  • Special clothing request are accepted.
  • Hygiene is important. Be fresh and well-groomed as I will do the same. 
  • First time friends will have to go through VERIFICATION.

  • Time extension is permitted as long as my schedule permits and you are able to take care of the additional fee. 

Cancellation Policy